Monday, 22 March 2010

Christian values.

You could not in anyway describe me has a religious man. I do believe in God but none of the churches fits with my thinking. I always describe myself when asked has Church of England. I am a totally honest man and have always attempted to do whatever I do to the highest ethical and integrity standards.
This is the first time I have commented on religious matters and I would not want to upset some of my readership and blogs I follow who are clearly very religious people. This week saw a lot of publicity from the Vatican on a visit to England and the scandal of Irish Bishops covering up abuse in the Catholic Church.
I can’t see why the Pope should be invited on a state visit to this country and we should have to fork out fifteen million quid for security. We are still largely a Christian society but the RC Church is not the largest faction and to many like me an alien faith. I suppose this relates back to my childhood when I knew nothing of the religious differences. I would have been about seven when my Mum enrolled me in the local cub pack. I thought this was a good deal and was looking forward to getting my uniform when one day we met the Priest in the street. The conversation seemed to be going well until he noticed the badge on my jacket from the Elim Church Sunday school I attended. He made it clear to Mum that unless I stopped attending this Sunday school I could not continue to be a Cub. I never got my uniform and scouting for me was never on the agenda.
I have recently come across what I see has some un-Christian behaviour in my dealings with a Methodist Church. I was lead to comment that Mr. X needed to go and review his Christian principles in view of his behaviour in attempting to undermine my integrity.
The biggest hypocrisy though is the Irish Bishops whose behaviour in the past was anything but Christian and they are still in office and I guess sitting in the Lords pontificating on legislation that affects me. I get a shiver down my spine just thinking about it.
I’ll prey for them.


Gerry said...

My mother was brought as a catholic
and went to a catholic school,
the nuns were very cruel to her
that she lost all her faith and that is why I am now a Baptist.
But please don,t judge all Catholic
Methodist or Baptist, we are all human and being human we say and
do things we should not,
I agree what happened in the past
has been very wicked and needs sorting out, but we both know some very good Methodists and it was the
Methodist church and the G.L.B.
as it was then,that saved my sanity when I was a child when I lost my father at 13, and that is why I became a Girls Brigade officer, I owed them and I hope I helped girls in my care.
so please remember Bob their are good and bad in all walks of life
but I have found their is more good if you look for it. But being human people seem to remeber the
bad. Gerry

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

thank you Gerry for a very thought provoking comment. It's time I came over and went to church with you.

Gerry said...



Fat Prophet said...

Hi Bob, not sure why you thought you might upset some of your readers with this post.
I have to say that unfortunately your comments are right in lots of ways - I agree that the expenditure of large amounts of money for the Pope to come here are ridiculous unless of course the Catholic Church is footing the bill.
Your story about being a cub is interesting and not at all surprising although very sad.
As someone who attends a Methodist Church and a Methodist Local Preacher I am disappointed that you have had a bad experience with a Methodist but I think that Gerry is right - we are not all bad, and it is not just Methodists - my wife and I popped into a church on Saturday for coffee and a cake and apart from the person serving us no one spoke to us. I was more disappointed because two of the people there were members of the clergy. If you came to a coffee morning at our church there would be many people who would speak to you and you would be made to feel very welcome.
The other thing I would say is that I am sure there are a number of us who pray for you when your numbers are out of kilter as we feel you are a friend.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Thanks FP a wise head as usual. I think I'm cross with the methodist I mentioned because although I am not a member of that congregation I gave a very firm committment to developing another organisation within that church's community facilities. He never understood and considered me some kind of crook I think. The group are now moving on to new and better facilities. Thanks for the prayers I can do with all the help I can get.