Thursday, 15 April 2010

It’s a done deal

I’m delighted to be able to report that Sandwell Council Cabinet last night gave final approval for the funding of the refurbishment to Tanhouse Community Centre for conversation of part of it for a clinic. Project is due for completion end of 2010.
This issue has been a long standing battle with our Primary Care Trust and a wonderful example of people power and a good example of politicians ignoring their differences in the fight for what was needed in our community. I was involved from the early days when PCT kept telling us they had looked at sites which were unsuitable which went on for months. It wasn’t until residents like myself sought out political consensus to fight for what was blindingly obvious to us. The Tanhouse was the right place for our clinic. This decision will bring in new investment to our area but the health benefits are enormous and the facilities will be first class when it is open. This really is a win win situation. We get a super new clinic the council have a fully functioning community centre with a library, community activities, meals on wheels etc. and the PCT get a facility which will serve the people of Hamstead for the next twenty years.
I have a lot of people to thank for giving their support during the various stages of our campaign protests. Tom Watson MP, Cllr David Hosell and Cllr Joyce Underhill, Janice Bryan, Shirley Hosell and the Tanhouse Action Group members, Richard Nugent from the PCT who once convinced of our determination and sincerity became a supporter. And last but not least to my wife Pat who like always supported me throughout this struggle when at times my health was lousy she never gave up on me or the cause. Thank you all. This is the best news for Hamstead.


Bob Piper said...

But most of all... the local people should thank a tireless old nag from Brummegem who has Sandwell in his heart and doesn't know the meaning of the words 'give up and go away'.

Well done Bob!!

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Thank you Bob

margaret macklin said...

Oh so you do live in Birmingham then BBCB? Yesterdays forum made it quite clear that refurbishment was just for one local doctors benefit.NO services will be offered there for people who are registered with other doctors.The person from the PHT insists that this is just a "satellite" for a proper health center(for which there is no funding)so good job you havent given up and gone away!And dont get me started on Forums either as I attended the first GREAT BARR one(was actually yew trees)that Howsell has tacked on.No! Newton and great barr forum WILL carry on with the present acting chair.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Dear Margaret,
I will admit to being confused over your comment until I realised you are confused over the organisation of forums now in Sandwell. Since the breakup of our town committees each town has a councillor who acts as a champion for that town. Every ward in the town holds its own forum which is chaired by the town champion. For West Brom our champion is Cllr Yvonne Davis with Cllr Hosell acting has her deputy these forums have teeth and can get things done. The Great Barr and Newton forum is a sort of unofficial group who are supported by remnants of the old town team structure. Cllr Hosell would have been at the meetings you refer to in his official role. There is no intention to change the way the forum you went to is run. I do however wish you would give Cllr Hosell more respect when you write about him; he is doing an excellent job for the residents of Newton.
In respect to your comments on the clinic. How many meetings have you been to on this topic and been mislead by what was said by the man from the PCT?. The situation as I understand it is this: - It is a satellite clinic and you are quite right there are no funds to build the main clinic. I blame the Tories and Lib dems from adjoining wards for this situation a bigger bunch of hand sitters and excuse makers would be hard to find. At present there is indeed one lead doctor’s surgery that will be moving to the new facilities but there is a second surgery who are also interested. There will be facilities for this and other services such as perhaps a dentist but this will depend on the lead doctor and PCT and the demand from the community. This is very good news for the people on the south side of the canal so please be happy for us. The green eye of envy does not suit you.

margaret macklin said...

Forums-as from 1st april forunm chaired by davis and howsell(no disrespect to either but neither is a councillor in great barr,yew tree or tamebridge) is for great barr and yew may not think it matters but great barr now seems to be split between 2 areas(actually 3 if you count charlemont)-so yes youre right I am VERY confused.
As for the health center again the point was pressed from all sides.NO services(such as blood testing and cervical cancer screening) will be open to all doctors in the area.So am I envious of patients of one doctor in the area? On behalf of all those pensioners who are still going to have to pay for parking at Sandwell or worse still Dudley Rd-you bet your backside!!!!!!!