Monday, 5 April 2010

Some advice!

To the cretins running the Labour party campaign at the moment. The “A future fair for all” motto is a vote winner and much better than the Tory time for change slogan which will only worry a lot of people. Folks only like change if it can be seen clearly as for the better. Their offer can’t.
But back to the advice when publishing posters and policy statements:-
Keep it simple.
Keep it honest
Keep it positive
And don’t knock the opposition.
Tell them clearly what Labour are going to do and don’t get dragged into slanging matches with either of the opposition parties.
Lets have no more of the silly Ashes to Ashes stunts. Personally I’m fed up with hearing Cameron knocking Brown. I would prefer to see some positive stuff from them towards us older folks. Remember the effect the demon eyes adds had on Tony Blair.


Gerry said...

From what we have seen of late
they don,t know the meaning of honest.

Bob Piper said...

Spot on, Bob. In 25 years of running campaigns in my Ward we have never even acknowledged there was an opposition. Why should I give the credibility or free publicity. Also, I don't believe people want to hear what I think the opposition would do if they won... they want to know what we will do if we win!

Fat Prophet said...

Good advice Bob, but there will be a few politicians who will struggle with the 'honest' bit.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Let's hope Bruiser, Mandelson, Watson and Co read my blog. I could offer to do them a few poster designs. Could'nt do much worse could I BBCB