Tuesday, 8 December 2009


56 different countries have visited this blog since end of May 2009 when I introduced flag counter. That is roughly a quarter of the nations attending the climate change conference. If all of us make a small contribution to this then we will have done our bit. I am firmly of the belief that it is man who is causing the changes on the scale we see today. One of the biggest affronts to our climate was when George Bush refused to sign up to Kyoto and his expansion of dirty fuels during his early years of office. We all now have a chance to put things right including the Americans. About ten years ago I got teased by my American family for trying to get them to use energy saving light bulbs. It’s still a bit of a problem but they have moved in the right direction.
Just to make sure we were doing our bit we invited the local Warmfront charity to come around and check us out. We are apparently doing it more or less right. Any new savings would have to come from some big investment in new kit such as new double glazing with wider gap or a solar panel on the roof. As there is no grants for any of this it is not likely to get done. They fitted us with an electricity monitoring devise and I have ordered a smart meter from British Gas. The monitoring tool is making us more aware of when our usage is high and how much devises are costing in units of electricity terms.
Eldest granddaughter was doing a project at my house the other night on saving the planet. She knew exactly what was required and very happy with her project until I pointed out she had every light on upstairs in my house when she only needed one. Use the finger I indicated but I had to go around switching off the lights.
What I’m trying to say but not very well is that we all have to do our bit if we are to save the planet for our grandchildren and great grandchildren.
I wish them well with their deliberations in Copenhagen and “switch it off” Freddie.


margaret macklin said...

"man the cause"-glad you dont include woman as the cause!!
Still a great point about grants for solar panels.Why not?Its no good aiming to put a computer in every household if they are not run on renewable engery. I also dont understand why we are STILL running cars on fossil fuels. As its for the good of all of us and future generations,why cant I have a freee panel on my roof ? Please can I also have a free car to plug into it so that we dont have to subsidise buses?

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

It's no good having electric cars running around on our roads until the electricity needed to drive them is produced by clean i.e. renewable means.
Electric car development is going faster than clean energy so the problem gets worse.