Monday, 15 December 2008

He’s done it again.

Back in October I likened our PM to my old comic hero Captain Marvel and not Superman who one of his parliamentary colleagues referred to him as. Those of you of my age group will remember Capt. Marvel’s role was to save the world from all sorts of super villains. Whilst I was away twiddling my thumbs in hospital he let it slip (Gordon that is) that that was what he was doing saving the world. Ooops what about saving his own patch first?. He also announced big increases in pensions which is going to help us hard pressed old uns through his slump er sorry recession. What he has announced is exactly what it should be based on the inflation figures he uses to calculate pension increases in September and not a penny more. So once again he has tried to hood wink us into believing he is generous during these hard times. The extra 60 quid we are getting in January seems to me to be another of his bribes. Last time just before the election he gave 200 quid to each pensioner household for help with council tax and then hurriedly clawed it back. Based on his history I predict an election in the spring of next year. That is if anyone wants the job of trying to sort out his economic mess.

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