Wednesday, 31 December 2008

What is the world coming to?

Last night I went along to my GP surgery. Nothing unusual about that except I had a little time to study the notices. A series of notices pasted to the wall proclaimed “Free condoms available at this practise” I got to thinking about the first packet I bought I think it took twelve months before I used them. Later in the evening I was reading our local paper and came across a piece proclaiming our MP was delighted that three theatres in Birmingham had signed up to a government scheme to provide free theatre seats for people under 26. There must surely be some qualifying criteria to both these initiatives but on the face of it life’s great if you’re young these days. Get your date, the government pay for the theatre tickets the NHS pay for the jonnies so all you have to do is “enjoy” Well I console myself I get a free ride on the bus and free prescriptions. I hope there is a logical explanation for the apparent freebies but I can’t help thinking “what is the world coming to?”


Bob Piper said...

It is not barking mad at all, it is good common sense. Sandwell has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnacy in the county, which will often mean broken lives and a drain on social services, housing and health. It makes absolute sense, economically and socially, to provide access to contraception for these young people, in the same way it makes sense to provide needle exchanges to prevent the spread of AIDS, drug and alcohol services for those addicted, day care centres for those with Alzheimer's, and dozens of other services to vulnerable people. I know Thatcher didn't agree with the concept... but it is called 'society', where the strong look after the weak, rather than cast them aside or ignore them.

As for theatre tickets, the logic is the same. Low aspirations and poor cultural understanding are part of the problems mentioned above. I thought you were in favour of the Public?

Happy New Year to you and Mrs BtBCB from Bob, the Sandwell People's Republic!

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Thank you Bob and a good one to you. Yes I do support THE PUBLIC but free theatre tickets I don't hold with. Low asperations don't improve by a few visits to the theatre.

Anonymous said...

Bob P.yes of course not having to pay for a pack of 3 when you are topping up your phone is going to change that ah?At least the teenagers will have a comfy place to hang out in the public!!When are you lot going to teach(by example) responsibility and cosequences to our young people?I'm glad to say that Black country Bob did so when he resisted my advances in front of those young people at the Partnership!!!!theres film of it somewhere Bob perhaps it should be shown at the Public.?(for those that werent at the Baggies for the event ,it was a role playing exercise produced by a Sandwell school 6th form).Anyway happy new year to you both Bobs.And also good health to BCB and Mrs BCB

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

I'd forgotten all about that Margaret. It was a good role playing exercise which I enjoyed and it taught the kids to be reponsible about sex without free condoms.