Friday, 22 January 2010

Posters 4 a bit more

My posters are an attempt to show my views on the policies that could help labour win the coming election. They are not necessarily policies that Labour is following. I am tempted to do a poster with a picture of the PM and the headline “Gordon Brown will go” with the sub headline “for a better country vote for a Brown free Britain”. Perhaps that’s a bit hard and not at all helpful but I believe he is the biggest reason the party are where they are. To change at this stage though would be even worse particularly as he has been doing better at PMQs and generally but I fear he has left it too late.
I watched PMQs on Wednesday and thought he had Cameron on the back foot. He would have won the day until Cleggy stood up and asked about Cadbury and why Kraft were borrowing heavily from our taxpayer owned bank RBS to help fund the deal which will make workers in UK redundant. GB could have answered this in many ways but he chose to attack the Liberals instead of giving a caring answer to a question that is worrying thousands of people in the midlands even his second attempt was less than reassuring. I wonder would he be answering this way if the workers were in his constituency or in London. I doubt it. Good news on unemployment though. I designed this poster before the recent figures were announced.


margaret macklin said...

dont be fooled by statistics showing less people unemployed.New deal started for those millions who lost their jobs last Christmas care of our loving banks and a lack of good governance.Do you know anybody who was unemployed who got a job over the Christmas period?Or did they just emigrate?

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

My apologies Margaret one of your comments got lost in the system. Not my fault honest so here it is:-
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F. P. -dont like women speaking their mind then? Stop watching daytime t.v. -you will get a voucher from primary health trust!
Also glad u better Bob- who would I have to speak my mind to?

Gerry said...

Labour on the side of hard working
Thats not true Bob, we all know the less you do, and the less you save the more help you get.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Remember folks I said it was policies I think they should persue.But Gerry do you really believe Cameron is on the side of working families? I wouldn't trust him to polish my boots.

Gerry said...

Bob, I trust him as much as I trust Gorden Brown. Gerry