Monday, 25 January 2010

Worst meal.

Because my walking is restricted these days the wife tends to drop me off and do the walking whilst I wait. On Saturday she took me to Asda bought me a breakfast whilst she shopped. I think I was feeling sorry for myself because I started to reminisce about meals on my own. It’s not just the food quality that makes a meal but the company and circumstances around it. When I was kept in hospital before Christmas I commented on the quality of the food being the worst I have ever tasted and this was so but not my worst meal ever.
Some years ago during the Major years my wife was diagnosed with what could have been a life threatening condition. She needed surgery quickly. This was in the bad old days of Tory Britain when waiting lists were over 12 months to see a specialist and operations were limited to “if you were lucky”. Fortunately at this time I had private medical insurance as part of my contract of employment so we were able to get the treatment in a timely fashion. I hate the idea of a two tier health service where the rich get the service and the poor wait. The NHS principle of health care when needed not on ability to pay is what I believe in but in this circumstance I had to prostitute my principles and why I do not today trust the Tories with our health service. After her operation she was heavily sedated and for awhile did not recognise me or what was going on around her. I had sat with her for most of the day holding her hand and waiting. In the evening she appeared to be sleeping soundly so I decided to try the hospital cafeteria for a meal. The refectory was closed so after checking on my wife I decided to try the nearest pub. The food quality was I’m sure very good but after a couple of mouth full’s I couldn’t eat I kept thinking about what was happening around me and how the women I had loved for ever was so sick in that hospital bed. I left and went straight back to my wife’s room. I think I fell asleep in the chair with my head on her bed because I was awakened in the early hours by my head being scratched. The concerned smile showed she recognised me and was soon able to talk. We shared her breakfast that morning. Best piece of toast ever. She made a good recovery and came home a couple of days later.
The Tory principle of market forces being applied to health care nearly ruined it. Although Labour has made many mistakes their commitment to the NHS is solid. They have invested heavily in both the infra structure and the health professionals and we must not let the Tories reverse this. A poster on this later. Many young people would not remember those days so it is up to Labour to start telling folks what the real stark alternative are. The nasty party has not gone away just changed it’s coat for the coming election.


Gerry said...

I think you and I must live in different worlds. the bad old days
as you call them were when I could get to see the doctor when I needed
too, a smiling doctor who always had the time to but my mind at rest.what have we now a face less
group who cant wait to get you out
the door, and theirs no house calls
the hospitals are so dirty if you go in the toliet and look at the date it was last cleaned it has been days.take off the rose coloured
specs Bob and see what labour is realy like.
as for eating on your own that is bad when I go shopping and stop for a cup off coffee, I always look round and envy the couples
and wish John was with me, so make the most off your time together.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

As I remember it. We used to have to wait in a crowded waiting room with kids crying, and adults coughing and sneezing. If you were not ill when you got there you certainly where when you left. The Doctor had to be reassuring there was little else he could do. How long you had to wait for an operation was a bigger topic than the weather. I sympathise if your hospital is dirty, you should use the complaints procedure via PALS. Except for the smoking outside Sandwell is a very clean hospital. Labour has built something like 400 new hospitals and twice that number of new clinics. Doctors and other clinicians have been recruited. None of this would have happened under the Tories. They ran the health service down almost to oblivion.

margaret macklin said...

The last time I was in Sandwell there was tea clothes being used for curtains and my family asked for the bedside chair to be thrown away as it was so dirty!.Its on public record that hospitals in labour run councils at this time are a disgrace as far a cleanliness goes.My last visit to Sandwell to have an xray concluded with me complaining on behalf of those people who were sitting in their nighties in a freezing corridor.The smoking issue is as you discribe still.That is not to say that people whatever their income are being treated for their needs . Except for prescriptions, oh yes and getting treated quicker ,parking ,transport etc.The 2 tiers in this country are if you are on benefits or not.I've always been a fan of the medicare system in Australia personally but I believe there is a commitment to the NHS by all parties for the future.But you cannot deny that some things are awful.What do you think about vouchers for fat people?