Sunday, 17 January 2010

Posters a bit more.

This political poster campaign is intriguing me. The more I see and the more I think about it I realise just how powerful a media it is. Where are Labour and the Liberals for that matter in this race? I saw the Cameron bill board poster for the first time the other day. You know the one “We can’t go on like this” “I’ll cut the deficit not the NHS”
Some wag had done a bit of careful painting out until it read “We can go on like this” “I’ll cut the NHS” Now this is nearer the truth.
Doesn’t Cameron look scary on these posters or is it just my natural aversion to Tory leaders? I think my Labour posters are much better. Theirs are really posh though with all that lovely blue background and the logo and all. Come on Gordon time to bring in Bob the Black Country Brummie.


Anonymous said...

And labour will keep spending making jobs and forgetting we even have a deficit, they will leave that to somebody else.

I think any party that takes over after the election is going too have to hurt people, labour are already saying they will save billion by kicking the shit out of the sick and the elderly by removing DLA and AA, but this is for people over sixty five, better they die in poverty then the young who might vote Liebour, sorry new labour.

labours is going to look after the middle class great news for those at the bottom, the bin men.

Gerry said...

Pull the other one Bob, Labour are already cutting the defence buget
and think our girls and boys in the middle east can still win the war Gerry

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Sorry anonymous but Andy Burnham has given assurances on DLA & AA which will both be cover when the new arrangements come in for personal care. I don't believe any party wants to see older people die in poverty especially Labour.

Fat Prophet said...

I do find it quite annoying when people hide behind the cloak of anonymity when they wish to challenge someone else's views. It strikes me that almost immediately the argument they put forward is reduced and may not even get read.
Mind you my Mother always said politics was a dodgy subject to discuss as people will often be quite radical in their views.