Thursday, 21 January 2010

A really bad day

Tuesday it was disease 6 Bob 0 which was a poor result for me. I had to cancel a couple of meetings and was washed out all day. Things were bad because I watched day time TV in the afternoon between naps and I fell asleep watching the Manchester derby. I’m pleased to be able to report I’m a lot better today and normal service can be resumed. Perhaps it’s about time I did another “Bulletin on the railings” next week is test and treat week so perhaps that is a better time.


Gerry said...

I,m sorry you,ve been bad Bob
but glad your feeling better now.
If I can,t get to sleep in the night I put the T.V. on always does the trick Gerry

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

It works in the afternoo to but during a footy match I can't forgive myself.
Thanks for the comment Gerry

Fat Prophet said...

Watching daytime TV is enough to send anyone to sleep especially Loose Women - I can't believe that programme has won an award

margaret macklin said...

F. P. -dont like women speaking their mind then? Stop watching daytime t.v. -you will get a voucher from primary health trust!
Also glad u better Bob- who would I have to speak my mind to?

Fat Prophet said...

I have no problem at all with women speaking their mind - my wife does it frequently. I do however find much of the conversation on loose women banal and trite - and please don't say I don't have to watch it as it is on in our rest room at work at lunchtime and you dare not suggest changing channel.