Friday, 2 January 2009

A New Year message for my MP

Well to all Labour MPs I suppose


Because my message is quite terse,
I thought I’d add a little verse.
At the curry house you hatch your scheme,
get rid of Tone was the general theme.
Tony quits in a blaze of glory,
along comes Gordon, that’s another story.
He dithers and dallies can’t make up his mind,
an election date is hard to find.
Plague and pestilence across the land,
Gordon insists it’s his last stand.
I’m the one to get you out of this mess,
England becomes the land of distress.
Banks and businesses all going bust,
Gordon insists I’m the one you can trust.
He borrows money like it’s gone out of fashion,
Cries to the nation I lead with a passion.
So dear Gordon there’s something you should know,
For the good of the nation it’s time to go.
Back to the curry house Tom, oh yes please,
before he brings the nation to its knees.

You know it makes sense.

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