Friday, 21 December 2007

Christmas cards and such

I have always been a bit of a practical joker and gadget man as well as a poet when the mood takes me. I owned a mobile phone when you used to carry them around in a suit case and I bought an early Sat Nav which I still use. This piece of electronic wizardly is so out of date with its maps I’ve been directed into the River Severn and sent down one way streets. It’s all very well being a joker but you have to accept that people will play jokes on you. Christmas is a good time to do this. I had a Christmas card which portrayed Santa viewing his screen on his sleigh with Rudolf saying “I don’t care what your Sat Nav says we’re bloody lost”
The best so far this Christmas is the following poem from my wife attached to my Christmas card :-
You like to blog all day, you like to blog all night.
You like to blog to Gordon Brown, just to put him right.
The dinners on the table, when I call “ready dear”
You must just blog to Tom to bend his bloody ear.
I bet you’ve blogged to Santa, to make sure he’s at home.
To tell him not to go out, without his mobile phone.
There was a time not long ago, when I knew what was a blog.
It went down your jumper, from your dinner filled gob.
With micro chips in the phone, blue tooth in the ear.
Mice in the hands, they’ll soon be deaf I fear.
I’m getting quite confused, me being a techno Pat
What to put on my feet and where to hang my hat
I want to say Happy Christmas and a very good new year.
But I’ll have to to try to blog it because your still in the blogging chair

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