Friday, 14 December 2007

first past the first post

My wife was complaining while we were at the bus stop today that I spend to much time on the computer. I would disagree with this but for now that is not the point. In the queue were a couple of older people and a young lady in her late teens or early twenties. When my wife got to the bit about me spending to much time "Blogging" the girl burst out laughing. And indeed I could venture a smile myself because a Victor Meldrew lookalike like me would not expect under the usual stereotype to be able to use a computer let alone have a blog. I enjoyed giving her the amusement but it is sad that these days older people are stereotyped in this way. Now this brings me to how our government treat us oldies but I better not go there tonight or Mrs. T will be right. I just wonder though how long it will be before I get a comment?

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