Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Pround granddad bit

We Grandparents can get a bit boring at times expostulating about the talents of our young offspring so I tend to let Mrs.T do it she does it much better than me. However on this occasion and because it’s my blog I’m going to do it because last night was a very moving experience for me. Eldest Grandson is 11yrs old and a talented flautist he was invited to join the Birmingham Schools Flute Choir in the summer and last night performed with the choir, the City of Birmingham Flute Choir, Birmingham Schools Wind Orchestra and the Camphill and South Birmingham Area Flute Choir in his first big concert. He has also performed a flute solo at Birmingham Symphony Hall has the lead for his school choir. Last night the quality of music performed was much higher and we were all so proud that our grandson the youngest and smallest in the combined orchestra played so well. I will admit to be being moved to tears.
At the end of the concert he came over to his family Mom (my youngest daughter) Dad, big sister and both sets of grandparents all smiles and said “can I get this shirt undone so I can look scruffy again” The music was excellent he does not realise what a talent he has.
I think I prefer this kind of comment than the political stuff although yesterday I was disappointed with the pension’s statement and with our government’s attitude to people who have lost their pensions or part of it. Their pensions are guarantee. Why not everyone else's?

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