Thursday, 20 December 2007

To talktalk or not to talktalk? that is a question

At this time of year our minds often reminisce on the past year or perhaps events that have shocked or delighted you about Christmas. Last year I was in dispute with talktalk over my broadband connection or to be more precise lack of it. They had displayed what I consider to be an example of the worst kind of customer care when along with all of their customers in my post code area cut of my service without prior notification. The reason was, so I was eventually told to upgrade the equipment at my local exchange. It took a month and an official complaint to Offcom before my service was restored. I did eventually get compensation for the down time but I vowed at the time to dump them at the earliest opportunity. Since that time I have to say my service has been extremely reliable. However my 18month contract has now expired so I can change without financial penalty. The position now leaves me with a dilemma. A bad taste from last year, good service since or start over with a new supplier. Talking with friends they seem to be suggesting that all of the other suppliers are just has bad. I would welcome some feed back on other people’s experiences or it looks like I might have to say with them for the time being.

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