Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Some observations

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday and mentioned a subject I had written about on my blog. "I know" she said " I read your blog" I have to admit here to falling into the same ageist trap I so often complain about. I enquired how she knew about my blog because I had not advertised it amongst my non computer friends. "I looked you up on Google" she said. This blog has only been operational for a week so I never expected a rush of response so I suppose this is good news. She also commented that "you never know who reads these things" I have asked her to leave a comment.

The very nature of doing web logs is to reach to out to a wider audience and to invite input from them. In my case I have always embraced the use of computers being one of the early pioneers in the use of computers in manufacturing.
I am writing this comment during our local U3A weekly computer session at Menzies CLC in West Brom. I mention this because our group is predominantly women. We were all updating our blogs when several of them complained they had nothing to say. This may seem sexist but my experience is that with my female friends this is a rare occurrence . Some come on Girls get chatty.


eve said...

What a good looking dude I found on Bobs Blog. The comment about computer class being predominantly ladies made me smile as everywhere we go is the same.Happy Christmas.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Thank you Eve my first comment I don't know about the good looking blokebut you are right about the girls being more than the blokes in our groups except fot our committee which is the other way round. bob t