Thursday, 3 January 2008

Bonus & banana skins continued, my wife's been reading the blog

I say this for two reasons
1) she seems to be the only person on the planet who is and
2) we were discussing where I thought the Bonus and banana skins game might go. I suggested that perhaps a little nearer the election I might develop an Estimometer so that I could estimate what the likely outcome might be. This would be a complex algorithm because I would have to factor in issues like The Cameron Charisma, The Brown Scowl, The Clegg Legacy, the Save the Planet effect of the Greens and we always vote for whoever effect. She then asked how I would factor in the BM effect. Whats the BM effect I enquired? Now wait for this …………….. Barking Mad she replied because that’s what you must be doing this.
She’s right of course but it’s only a bit of fun and it keeps me out of trouble, or does it? Anyway to follow the game see the edited versions of the Local Elections Bonus & Banana Skins Post
Whuff whuff.

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