Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The wrong queue theory or just the wrong queue?

Have you noticed that whenever you go into a coffee shop there is always a queue? I think they organise it that way so that you feel the shop is busy and hence popular and therefore the drink is worth waiting for. This philosophy as now spread to my bank. I went into my branch at Scott Arms today to find the inevitable queue. It’s rare to see me at the branch and I noticed a change of organisation from facilities for four tills to the new layout of two. When I had been waiting for some minutes I could not help but remember that on the last three occasions I had visited them similar queues were present. Are they getting the coffee culture? I’ll have a Mocha with my current account please but I’d rather have extra cashiers on at busy times. I’m told by friends that all the banks are the same.
I once wrote a short story on the wrong queue theory based on the assumption that if there is a queue option I always pick the wrong one. Seems at the bank these days there is only one option “wait”

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