Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The power of the Blog, or was it?

Our lamp posts are now clean.

No sooner had I switched of my computer than the Tories must have got out there and done their duty. This morning lamp posts in Newton are poster free. It’s good to see that the two main political parties are adopting a responsible attitude here. Was it coincidence or did my blog prick their conscience? I think I might make some other comments as time goes on about issues that should be addressed or about my view on our Councillors’ performances. If Councillors would like to comment on my blog or via email I will be happy to include their news and views here. I know a couple of things our newly elected Councillor has achieved so far but no news on the others. I might start to attend full Council meetings and listen to the proceedings from the public gallery and I will definitely attend Town Committee meetings to follow the progress or lack of it. Complacent voter I am not.

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