Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Local election fever, it’s just a cold

This evening our local newspaper announced the names and parties of our candidates. We only have four, Labour and Tory both of whom have stood before, a new Lib Dem candidate who I have never heard of and a Green Party candidate. This is the first time the Greens have contested our ward so I wish him luck. Perhaps the two new candidates would like to contact me. I must admit to being a little disappointed with the field no Monster Raving Crackpot, Independent or any of the other fringe elements. As the election as been called during the worst possible month I was hoping for some candidates to make it interesting.
I say I would like the new candidates to contact me because at some time or other I seem to have upset all the usual political parties and I suppose on all the data bases against my name it says “Awkward Squad”. So I don’t expect to get many calls and certainly no door to door canvassing but they’re all welcome. However I do know what the local issues are and I will be very happy to share them with you.
David Hosell challenged the other candidates to a debate on these issues (see earlier post) I had an email from him telling me he was prepared to hold this debate on this site. I am still prepared to offer this facility if required and I will leave this post open for serious debate.
It struck me though that I might have a bit of fun to lighten the mood during these dark days. Newton has always been the battle of the leaflets so I think I might organise little game a bit like snakes and ladders awarding points for good stuff and going backward for the stretching it a bit claims. See next post Bonus and banana skins. Where I will give a little more detail on what I have in mind.

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