Saturday, 26 January 2008

Local election, the aftermath.

Last nights evening paper gave a report on the result with the usual expected comments. The winning candidate said he wanted to do his best for the ward. Leader of the council was full of praise for Labour record. Other senior councillors quoted in similar vein but the most interesting comment came from the leader of the Lib Dems who is also a councillor for our ward. I hope I have got this right and she was quoted accurately but it read “We lost by very few votes, but we live to fight another day. Voters sometimes get complacent” I can understand her being upset they have held the seat for 30yrs but this comment tells me what is wrong. It was not the voters who became complacent but our councillors. This result is good news for Newton because it will ensure all Newton councillors will have to raise their game but its bad news in a way because of the general complacency around Sandwell. It was the candidate who won this result and although he had a lot of Labour support it was his work in the community that really mattered.
During my spell with him monitoring his door knocking one of the complaints concerned a damaged roof. This I am reliably informed as now been fixed. His leaflets said he gets thing done. Cllr Dave Hosell Newton Ward Local Champion?

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