Thursday, 31 January 2008

The blogasphere

They’ve got a name for this hobby of mine or perhaps the space in our universe where it takes place, it’s called the blogasphere. I was looking at some blogs I like and it struck me that perhaps the people who write blogs can be categorised in some way. There’s the pensioner bloggers like me who do it because they have got nothing else better to do, then there’s the politicians who probably do it for the same reasons but we better not go there. Anyway today our MP asked for some help on his site. You can link to it from the right of my blog. He is a member of the cabinet office with responsibilities for technical stuff. I sometimes comment on his blog and today when I was reading it the following poem came to mind. I wonder if it will appear in his comments section?

My MP is a minister for technical stuff
I hope this time he don’t quit in a huff
We’ve got youtube face book and the rest
He’s got to tell Gordon what he thinks is the best
He’s tried and tried with all his might
Now he’s asked for help on his web site
He’ll get replies from geeks galore
All screaming out to gimme me more
I raise a subject I should not mention
Who’s the new minister for the old age pension?

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