Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Miner’s memorial

I’m very proud of our area. A year ago now a trust set up by local people erected a memorial to miners who had been killed in a devastating fire at Hamstead colliery 100 years ago. Today they held a wreath laying ceremony at the site. I must admit to thinking that this piece of industrial art would get vandalised and become an eyesore. Not so, not once has it been defaced or vandalised a real credit to everyone. The site, although I do not like it, is a haven for peace and reflection with two benches on grassed area at the gateway to our ward. It attracts a bit of litter from time to time but the flower beds and grass have been and are well maintained. Thousands of people pass it everyday. Sadly during the year one of the trusts leading members passed away after a long battle with cancer. I sincerely hope the site continues to be respected in the way it has.
Well done Newton ward.

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