Friday, 13 March 2009

Urinal bottle.

The one thing about this blog it is never boring, is it?
The wife is getting a bit embarrassed by my little problem with my water works. So am I, I suppose, but can’t help it. As you all know the problem is exacerbated by larger stores who no longer have toilet facilities and the almost total lack of public facilities in Sandwell. Must tackle my councillors on that next time I see them.
So what to do? Well, she bought me a present of a Urinal bottle via the internet with instructions I keep it in my car. The neck of this bottle is big enough to accommodate an elephant with an erection so I should have no problems if it should ever be needed. I’m not so sure about the liquid security of the lid though.
The depths some people will go to write a story. There must be a lot of puns associated with this topic. Like, getting peed off, bottling it up, take a bottle home (that was great old ad). The Bagdad blogger made his name reporting on conditions in a war torn country and here’s me reporting on urinal availability in a bankrupt country. Until the next time I need to spend an unplanned penny. Have nice day.
I blame the drugs.

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