Thursday, 5 March 2009

What is going on?

With Gordon Brown in America, Prime ministers question time yesterday was with Harriet Harman, William Haig and Vince Cable. What appeared to be happening was a whiff of political gossip that whilst Gordon was out of the country senior Labour politicians were posturing for the leader’s job. If this is true and as been going on for some time now it might explain some of what is happening over here in West Brom East and why our MP has been behaving in the way he has. After his alleged plot to get rid of Blair and his very public resignation from his first junior minister’s role he very firmly attached his allegiance to the Brown mast with a new junior ministerial role in the cabinet office. I would imagine that many of the main contenders for the leadership would be uneasy inviting him to join their team and consequently he will loose a big pile of money when the inevitable happens and Gordon goes. It can’t be long, can it? Couple this with the falling away of his political support in some of the wards and I guess he is a worried man.
But then what would I know I only live here. Ummm interesting times I think. One reporter last night even suggested Brown might go for an early election. This I think might put our MP in a state of panic because although he had a massive majority last time his and his parties support has slumped faster than the pound, stock market and share values put together. It was also suggested that Brown might quit and take a job in International Banking well that’s rich, he helps to bankrupt the world but they want him to help sort it out. It must be the big bonuses and pensions he wants. The world has gone mad. I can now confirm it.

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