Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Traffic wardens I luv em

Yesterday I had to drive to our local shopping area at Scott Arms. I was having a poor day so used the old blue badge to park but parking would have been legal without the badge, whilst I waited for my wife. Ahead of me was a car parked totally illegally on double red lines about ten feet from notice on the lamp post about no parking. Along comes traffic warden on his moped, he’s like a hawk after its breakfast, park’s up and proceeds to book the offending vehicle. Digital camera clicking away he’s got all the evidence. Duly booked he’s just about to leave when the owner appears with shopping bag. The protest was somewhat verbal with a lot of arms being waved. TW pointing to red lines then notice. Guilty motorist pointing at him with bag waving. Now I could not hear what was being said but the TW was being lambasted. I give this guy top marks because he never lost it. The lady threw her bag into the car slammed the door and drove off without removing the ticket from the windscreen. My sympathies are with the TW I hope she gets the book chucked at her. Park illegally? We all do it sometimes, get caught well it ain’t the TWs fault he’s only doing his job. So coff up and get on with it. No need for her display of temper. Wish I’d taken the reg. number now I’d have published it on the blog.
A couple of years ago though I took a disabled friend into West Brom and parked in the area for mobility buggies. The friend gave me her badge while we organised a shopping buggy for her. What she never told me was that the badge has to be displayed the correct way. Sure enough when we came back I’ve got a ticket. Now this seems a bit mean. So I appealed and Sandwell rescinded the fine. TWs should have some flexibility when an obvious mistake is made. Today though justice was done.


margaret macklin said...

There is a TW at the Scotts then? does he only do the Sandwell side or is it just on Brum side?

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

It was the brum side, but Sandwell have a similar service I've seen them at the hospital site in Little Lane