Thursday, 12 March 2009

Very pretty garden

The wife and I have always enjoyed our garden. We have over the years tended it with loads of TLC and although I say so myself it is a very pretty place and none more so than this time of year when the spring flowers are showing and many of the shrubs are starting to flower or in bud. The sun came out at the week end and subsequently I couldn’t resist getting out into the garden. Trouble is I can’t do what I used to do. I suppose I worry that it will deteriorate and I can’t cut the grass and all those other little jobs that make it such a special place for us. Last week end I decided the grass was due for its first cut. Trouble was that my legs weren’t working as well as they should. Plan a) cut in small amounts with plenty of rests. Plan b) leave the front for the following day. What we have decided is, to do a little, do it often, so that it never gets out of control. I’m delighted to be able to report that we did it and trimmed the lawn edges, did a little weeding and tidied up some of the winter wear and tear. In the evening I was completely knackered but the garden is a delight to see. I’m not giving up on my garden until it’s impossible for me and I’m not getting any help with it either. Later in the year though I might just feel that help is needed. Biggest problem was the bit the council are supposed to cut which we have adopted and looked after over the years that bit might be the first casualty. My neighbours are good and have offered to help with this patch.
I’m reminded of the old Master Card ads:-
Planning and preparation: time consuming
Cutting the grass: slow and painful
The results: Priceless

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