Sunday, 15 March 2009

Royal visit

No no not that over privileged over paid lot from Buck House (oops there goes my MBE) but real royalty. Our American family of eldest Daughter, Son in Law and Grandkids are visiting for a couple of weeks so BBCB will in effect be off the air. When asked what 8yrs old grandson wanted to see after the chocolate factory (he gets his priorities right, just like his granddad) he said the Queen. So your mag, if you are reading this blog, leave him an invite I’ll explain the protocol. This is the first time the whole family has been together in one town for many many years. So as much as I know you will all miss the whit and wisdom of the blog, I’m afraid for a couple of weeks it will be very scarce. Have a nice day. Please keep the comments coming, I’ll try to monitor that bit and publish them.

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