Saturday, 28 March 2009

Wow that went well & such.

When I retired I thought that someone had speeded the clocks up a bit. The weeks just seemed to fly by. I suppose I was enjoying new experiences and free of the burden of work responsibilities. The last couple of weeks though have been the fastest ever with the Americans over here, I can’t believe it’s over. A very sad granddad is writing this blog today. We did the tourist bit of the west mids and beyond. Grandkids loved it. Grandson had his photo taken with a waxwork of the Queen at Warwick Castle, which totally satisfied his interest. The Earl of Warwick needs to get your hair washed your Maj.
Anyway, you guessed it folks Bob the Black Country Brummie is back. I can’t say with a vengeance because my mood is not one of enthusiasm for much at the moment. I’m working on it. Plenty to go at with our clinic and recently the irresponsible dog owners are back leaving little piles outside on the grassed area. Red route consultation is causing some comment in the press with one particularly vocal character (a local nimby) complaining bitterly about it. I think I’ll either do a piece on the blog or write to local freeby newspaper to put the real facts and dispute his rather selective memory of what happened. I know the person writing anti route rhetoric. So Mr. Massy I’m on the case!


Anonymous said...

Hi grumpy good to have you back.I hope it does not take to long to get your scathing sharpness back to the key board.Yours CLLR David Hosell.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

scathing sharpness is on it's way. I have a couple of local issues I need to deal with first,