Monday, 29 June 2009

The 11th commandment.

In our family it’s “Thou shalt not upset Nan (Mum or the wife)” This is not out of fear but love and respect. (This will never get past my censor but worth a try.) I’ve never been much good at discipline especially with my kids, and grandkids, well forget it. The misses though she does it with an ease which is a true skill. Rarely a hard word just a look and reasoned argument and she gets her way. She is the true leader of the family group yet the rest don’t even realise it. In a crisis she is the one we turn to. I did a little poem a few years ago dedicated to her: -

“When Granny Gets Grumpy”

When Granny gets grumpy you better look out,
she has been know to scream and shout.
Its Granddads fault you should know,
with coffee and crumpets he’s very slow
He has been known to read the news,
and once in a while to take a snooze.
The grandkids are noisy and run about,
but granny would never ever shout.
The grandkids go deaf when asked to clean up,
at ice cream or chocolate their ears prick up.
They leave clothes and toys lying around,
criticism from grandma will never be found.
She`s kind and loving and sometimes stern,
in times of crisis to Grandma we turn.
She’s nurse and cook and mentor too,
the soul of our family through and through.
Please treat your grandma with loving care.
for her family she will always be there.
So if your custard or gravy starts to get lumpy,
you can be sure your grandma is grumpy
To me she’s a wife and best pal by far,
with all my love, XXX from grandpa

PS censor approved.


Fat Prophet said...

I like it - this is what I call proper poetry because the lines rhyme. I reckon your good lady might be like mine SWMBO (she who must be obeyed.
I often say I am frightened of no men and very few women and I am married to one of them!!

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

umm, I'm on dodgy ground here. In our forty plus years together I've only seen her rant off once and that was an irresponsible dog owner who ran off with the misses chasing him.