Sunday, 7 June 2009

MP Lobbied

I was very pleased and surprised by the number of people who turned up yesterday to lobby our MP Tom Watson for better health facilities in Great Barr. Despite the fact it was chucking it down with rain we had about thirty I think (I never counted and it was a fluid situation). The really good news though is that all our local political parties were involved. The Tories who previously had not participated sent along the leader of their group with another councillor and the prospective candidate for our ward. We were also supported by Labours prospective candidate and by our Labour councillor and Liberal Democrats. A lot of ordinary people like me expressed their concerns about what is going on. Tom was greeted by chants of ”where’s our clinic” It was a bit of a cock up on the organisational front though because some folk came early as did Tom who wanted to get on with what looked like a busy surgery and some folk came late. So unfortunately a lot of supporters missed the photo spot for which I apologise. Tom did an excellent job and although it is a serious situation it was dealt with very sympathetically. Our banners were very colourful and to the point, I’ll keep them just in case we have to go to the next stage which if I’m honest is not what I want.
A successful morning I think. Let’s just hope it is enough to change the minds of our PCT. It’s difficult with an enormous organisation like that to get it to change course. It’s a bit like trying to turn a supertanker in the Thames once its course has been set and clearly ours has, but turn it must. I’ll try and publish a couple of pictures later in the week. Much more to say on this subject.


Fat Prophet said...

I am not sure if you meant it as a joke but I like the comment about fluid considering the way the weather was yesterday.
We are having a few days holiday staring tomorrow and I just hope the weather is better were we are than it was yesterday

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

It just seemed to fit so well watching the stuff pour down. So I suppose it could be described as pun.