Thursday, 18 June 2009

A bit of politics. A bit of a rant.

I haven’t posted much lately on politics, local or otherwise because I suppose some of our local issues were more important. My regular readers (Thank you all so much) will know I am very much in the anti Brown camp. It is well documented on this blog my views on his pensions policies and his inability to connect with the people. I never thought he should have been appointed and throughout this painful premiership I have called for him to go. So now of all times when the world and his wife can see what a mess he has gotten us into am I not shouting “Go Gordon Go?”
The situation is a complex one. With less than a year to go before a general election to change leaders now would certainly mean an election would have to be called. One unelected leader perhaps, two the electorate would not accept it. I am traditionally a socialist and believe in labour values of fairness for all. A fair distribution of wealth looking after the poor and all that stuff but at the same time I also believe we need to address the bigger issues. For a short time at the G20 summit Gordon appeared to be such a leader. Sadly it only lasted a couple of days and we were back in the sewer pit of Westminster dithering and business as usual. If we had an election now the Tories would almost certainly win. Without any credible policies as far as I can see towards pensions and pensioners or any other areas for that matter. Sure David looks good in front of a camera and Gordon well you only have to watch his You Tube video to realise the amount of work needed. It’s a sad state of affairs for us pensioners we lost out with Gordon and I honestly can’t see how things are going to get better under David and Co.
With labour hierarchy defending with pride the pensions credit scheme with head in sand over all the other pension related issues, I despair.
Labour are in a no win situation, they can loose now with a change of leader or loose next year with Brown.
I was looking at the leadership possibilities and the top team and as I see it there are too many plumb in the gob over privileged Red Brick Uni educated members in it. Closet Tories pretending to be socialists. A cabinet of this ilk cannot truly reflect socialist values. The only member who I can see that might just get the party (not PLP but grass routes) behind him might be Alan Johnson. He is one of the group who is from grass routes but his recent behaviour makes me wonder why he never made a bid for the leadership. You would think that Brown’s background would have meant he would have represented true socialist values so my argument here falls flat on its face. Who will rise to save us from another 12 years of Toryism? The party conferences this year will be well worth a watch on TV.
What I see is sad is that I will never live to see another Labour government and how Brown has squandered the opportunity he had to make a real difference but it looks like we are stuck with him.
Best option might be for Alan to oust Brown just after the party conference. Immediately announce date for election maybe three months ahead. Quick regroup of team including as many new faces as possible with some real socialist policies and take it to the country with pride. I’d support that.
Ps must make sure Gordon gets his pension put on hold while we have an enquiry.

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