Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I’m like a ferret.

Some years ago when I had a propa job we had a bad down turn in business and subsequently we had to loose some of the team. I can remember my then boss telling the team the news at our monthly team briefing. He described me has a ferret of a manager because he said I had managed to flush out every bit of obtainable business at that time. I don’t know what reminded me of that time but yesterday I realised that that is what is happening with the poster issue (post 8/6/2009). I’ve written to the council officer who I am being told made the decision not to display our poster to try to clarify the situation and get a copy of the procedure if there is one.
This action may upset a few people but I think it is essential if we are to move on with a clinic at the Community Centre. I’m ferreting again not for business this time but for answers. I bet some of my local enemies have better description for me. Any advance on bleeding nuisance? Awkward old git? Answers on a post card please.
If I’m wrong about this issue fine, I’ll put my hand up and apologise but if my suspicions are right we need to know. Whether I publish the result of my inquiries depends on the result but I would want to.

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