Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Flag counter

I’m impressed, I only put Flag Counter on the blog on 28th May and very pleased with the number of hits. Youngest daughter! Dad is not writing to himself after all. So call off the men in white coats. OK I give you it’s not the biggest audience in the world but it works for me and I have had a big increase in comments lately and you must admit it is sorta keeping me out of trouble, or is it? The health clinic issue could get me into difficulties with the cops and local authority and I don’t suppose our PCT are going to be too happy. Ah well never mind my job ain’t on the line but the head of PCT’s is.


Fat Prophet said...

Hi Bob, good to see you are pleased with the results from flag counter - you see people are reading your blog and not just from round the corner. If you get round to putting sitemeter on as well you can get a bit more idea from there where folk are coming from and how they are getting to you. I get a fair number of hits on my blog from people who have put 'vestry prayers' into a search engine.
I stumbled across another blog the other day called a Black Country Kid but at the moment it only has one post on it - perhaps it will become quite interesting as time goes on.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Thanks for that Fat Prophet I need to look you up more frequently and have a look at Black Country KID