Friday, 1 February 2008

Pensioner power! I luv it.

Last night was the regular meeting of our town committee. This is usually a civilised affair with a few councillors a couple of dozen members of the public and a few council officers. Last night though it was standing room only. I was late getting there and all I could see was rows of elderly people listening to a petition being read out eloquently by one of our senior councillors. It appears that a bus company has without consultation removed a bus service to one of the most deprived neighbourhoods in Sandwell. This action as in effect cut off the residents better than a 6ft. snow fall. The chair who I know was doing her best to move the meeting on but the old folk were having none of it. It was good to see Age Concern being there to advocate on their behalf. Eventually the residents succumbed and left the meeting after being given assurances that everything would be done to get their bus service replaced. I’d like to bet that this happens pretty quickly because there’s nothing like a bunch of pensioners who are angry about an injustice. I also think our MP’s surgery is likely to be pretty busy next Friday and Saturday.
Our new councillor was there doing his bit and raising one or two very important issues our Lib Dem councillors though were absent. These were the party who only a little over a week ago were telling the electorate they were strong voice on the council. No voice last night.

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