Thursday, 13 November 2008


Gordon gets us into the worst financial crisis ever because of his liberal credit policies and financial controls on the banks and FSA. He then claims we are in a better position than other countries to weather this storm. Last week an IMF report claimed we were in a worse position than most of the developed world and the recession would be worst in this country. One of the reasons for the credit crunch and hence recession was the fact that more money than should have been had been lent to people who could not pay it back. We now hear from Gordon and the other party leaders that we need to borrow more money to fund tax giveaways so the people can start borrowing and spending again. Now I’m having a confused dot Bob moment, wasn’t it irresponsible borrowing that started this mess? To some extent it makes a little sense because without a feel good factor people will not spend and without money moving into shops and factories we have no economy. What I challenge is the need to increase our national debt at this time. GB PLC will eventually have to pay back this debt and I personally don’t think we should be selling the family silver or racking up huge debts that my grandkids will have to pay off. Prudence is telling me to baton down the hatches and save. But according to latest opinion polls Gordon is gaining on the Tories and the public are warming to his “get out the shite” policies. Personally I think they are just another crisis waiting to happen. The Tories or Lib dems policies are little better. Perhaps I’m on the wrong planet again. Have we learnt nothing in the last six months?

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