Sunday, 23 November 2008

Gordon can stick his increase in fuel allowance for pensioners.

The news and papers have been full of speculation this weekend about the fiscal stimulus Gordon (sorry Alistair) is going to announce tomorrow. One news bulletin gave a bookie as offering 10/1on on a £100 increase in fuel allowance for pensioners. Well Gordon I don’t want it. I am not happy with the way he has treated pensioners over his period as both chancellor and PM. He has constantly short changed us with inflation increases and resolutely failed to put right the underlying inconsistencies with pensions preferring to add to the complexities of the pension’s credit system instead of giving pensioners a decent pension and letting us manage our affairs. These short term giveaways are a poor substitute for what really needs to happen. He used a £200 bribe before the last election then took it back at the first budget opportunity. No thanks Gordon I have a long memory and don’t trust you anymore. I watched the Politics show at lunch time and your body language when asked if you were considering an election next year gave it away. This is not a cure for the mess you have gotten us into but a bribe for an election next year. I also don’t want to lumber my children and grandchildren with paying back this loan at an undefined time in the future. There are other ways of stimulating the economy without massive tax giveaways. We have already had the first warnings of how he might be planning to claw it back by eliminating the free travel we currently have. I’m not making anymore predictions because as sure as sure he will be planning to get it back as soon as possible.
We need decent pensions now, an end to the Pension Protection Fund policy of not having inflation increases and a full pension for those caught in the Financial Assistance Scheme trap of only getting 90%. So come on Gordon do the decent thing at last and put your pensions mess right. I won't be holding my breath tomorrow.


Grahame Leon-Smith said...

Bob, I agree with everything you say about the way Gordon Brown has treated pensioners. You may be interested to know that "Senior Voice" is supporting the "20:20 Tax Plan" which includes: 1) raising the tax-free personal allowance to the official poverty level of about £11,000 a year; 2) reducing income tax to a single rate of 20% and closing the tax loopholes that benefit the rich; and 3) exempting pension income from tax. If you or any of your readers would like to know more just send an email to:
Grahame Leon-Smith

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Thanks for your comment Graham, good to hear from you. It’s good to feel I am not alone. My MP thinks I’m some kind of grumpy old man to largely be ignored. It’s OK for him his gold plated pension is protected.
I’m sure emails will be on there way.