Saturday, 15 November 2008

The proud Granddad a bit more

I speculated awhile back about my lack of posts lately. Well this is undoubtedly because of my recent change in treatment which is leaving me lethargic, in a little pain and lacking in enthusiasm. My grandson does not lack enthusiasm in anything he puts his mind to. Thursday evening is quality time for us with our UK grandkids. This week Hippy was anxious about a trip he was going on from school on Friday and how he might miss out on his school work because of it. It appears that he had won a competition at school and he and a small number of other boys were off to Brum for a day of culture.
After dinner he said can I borrow your mobile phone Granddad I forgot to give Mum my report card. What did you get I asked? A “B” he replied. That’s OK I tried to console him. Oh I got four “A” stars and 8 “As” as well he advised me. Later that evening I got a call from his Dad, what Hippy forgot to mention was there was a letter from his headmaster telling them he was one of only six boys in the school who had achieved this score. Well done Hippy. I need a bigger car to allow for my chest expansion. he gets it from his Granddad Bob, oh yes he does.

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