Monday, 17 November 2008


My house backs onto the Tame Valley Canal. Because of the height of the canal above my garden and the prohibitive growth of bushes it is almost impossible to gain access to or from the tow path. We can however at this time of year see movement on the canal. The usual dog walkers and the odd barge but the creatures that own the tow path are Herons. I sometimes walk and cycle this path and it is amusing to see their behaviour. They have no fear of humans. About four of them live off our patch of canal and we see them strutting along the path as if they own the place. When they are fishing if you approach they wait until you are a couple of yards away give you a look of total contempt and then gracefully fly off to the other bank and wait for you to pass. I have cycled up to within almost touching distance before getting the look and leisurely flight before they resume fishing. A wonderful experience from such a graceful bird. My mate though was not so impressed they have allegedly pinched his prize carp.

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