Sunday, 9 November 2008


I’m not really making excuses because I don’t really know why I’m not blogging as much as I used to. It’s not that I haven’t got plenty to say but time seems to have rushed by this week. Very busy and because I can’t do as much physically as I used to things are taking a lot longer to do. Anyway I’m back, well sort of. Which brings me to Trevor Phillips who is the head of some government quango on race relations. His claims yesterday that a black man could never become Prime Minister in this country because the Labour party is institutionally racist really annoyed me. Firstly Obama is not black he’s of mixed race. Second there is absolutely no racism in West Brom East we have had three Asian Mayors (all labour) in the last six years our council is a good mix of cultures BME being roughly the proportion of BME residents and we have the first Asian member of the Lords in Lord King of West Brom. If Labour are discriminatory it is on the subject of all women short lists. What Mr. Phillips seems to have forgotten is that we should be looking to get the best people for the jobs of whatever race sex or creed?
I’m male getting on a bit and white and I feel I’m discriminated against every day of my life. Perhaps whoever appointed Mr. Phillips should look again at his motives here and perhaps they might feel like I do that he is not the right man for that job.

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