Thursday, 12 February 2009

Bankers in the spot light.

Tuesday saw the first public grilling of the big four bankers who have been leading exponents of the current banking crises. What wonderful crocodile tears of apology and what a big load of dosh they have been stashing away. One of them is still being paid. Very civilised the questioning by MPs which showed, I thought, just how badly they had managed their respective businesses. One of them didn’t think he was personally culpable. Let’s not mince words here they are just bloody crooks and should be locked away. They have defrauded their share holders with script issues that they must have known could never be repaid. The damage to our economy and to the lives of the many thousands that are suffering as a result must be addressed via the criminal justice system. As far as I know no criminal charges are being considered but until they are and this lot is locked up and their assets stripped the country will have no confidence that anything as been learned. What is also very clear is that two of them are Knights and another a Lord. To me this implies just how corrupt our Honours System is. Gordon whilst you ponder what to do with this bunch you might consider it is long overdue to repeal the Lords and the Honours system so that real people like the stroke sufferer in my ward who runs a stroke club is rewarded and not over paid bankers. What are you going to do? Pay them their bonuses!


Gerry said...

if you feel like that Bob put their names forward if nobody gives them the names of people
how are they to know.
the lollypop lady in Polesworth
was given an MBE, generations of kids loved her and put her name forward, we have to cursy to her as we cross the road now

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

It's been done Gerry, she is not the only one around these here parts. I think it's something to do eith the political process i.e the MPs have a say. I wont go any further with that.