Saturday, 28 February 2009

MP gets quote in local press?

Well who bloody rah
Our MP had a front page quote in one of our freebie newspapers The Chronicle concerning a red route scheme which will bring a massive improvement to road safety in our area. “Plans for a major revamp of a notorious commuter route through Great Barr have won the backing of a West Bromwich MP” “West Bromwich East MP Tom Watson has given his backing to the scheme and urged Black Country motorists and Great Barr residents to have their say”
I mention this because as far as I am aware he has done nothing towards this until getting his quote published. On the other hand the Great Barr & Newton Neighbourhood Watch Association has campaigned for the very measures being consulted on. Our local Labour Councillor is chair of this group and I am its deputy chair. A series of petitions were held in the area and I had the privilege of petitioning West Bromwich town committee and hence Sandwell Council on their behalf. So not overly impressed that our MP should lack understanding of what is actually happening on his patch. The petitions are in the public domain. Perhaps Cllr. Hosell you could spend some time with our MP briefing him on what is actually happening over here in Newton and Great Barr to perhaps prevent some of these hapless gaffs.
I feel our MP is so out of touch with what is happening in Great Barr & Newton and so close to Gordon Browns back that Gordon thinks West Bromwich East is in Renfrewshire.

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