Friday, 13 February 2009

Andy Person

Politically correct again. we used to call them handy men, well I need one. I’ve posted before on some of the problems encountered as you get older. When ill health adds its contribution to the equation, life can be very difficult at times. Normally I would deal with any DIY issues around the house. Not a problem for me, fix a door, mend a fence fix the washing machine etc. Nowadays these activities are getting more difficult and on occasion not an option. Very frustrating when you know you could and should do it. Have to accept help and I’ve got a lot of mates who do just that when required. Recently though I discovered we have a Handy Person scheme in Sandwell which is designed to help folks like me. I’m now registered with this service and although there are limitations on tasks they can do it does seem a useful scheme. I am going to test it next week when they are coming to fix an internal door for me which will not open properly after our new carpet was fitted. I’ve looked at this door all week and pondered how I might do it myself. The misses has given me the warning, attempt it at your peril, don’t even think about it message. So I guess it’s the handy man (or lass) who are going to do it. The service is also free (with some restrictions) to us older residents. I think this is another well done Sandwell, they have been listening.
I better go have a lie down this praise for my local council is getting to be monotonous they are going to start thinking I’ve lost it.

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