Tuesday, 10 February 2009

THE PUBLIC and Politics Show

Interesting article on the Politics show BBC1 on Sunday.
The beeb gave a very balanced short film on this project which was the best I have seen. They recognised where this building fitted in with future development of West Brom and there was no hysteria about the cost etc. Just good reporting with little political bias.
The two panellists though were poles apart. I wonder where the beeb got the Tax Payers Alliance spokesperson from (somewhere up in Cuckoo land) and indeed I wonder what gives her the right to speak out against this project. She had never been in the building and as far as I know does not live in West Brom and her unscientific claims to have talked to residents about it were totally unsubstantiated. She represents an organisation which is not elected and as far as I can see represents nobody. I never heard such tosh being claimed in such a patronising way about the good people of West Brom. She gets a big thumbs down from me.
Councillor Badham on the other hand gave a well thought out account of what is happening and what will be the future for this building. I think the good councillor won the debate outright and well done to him.
I have said many times on this blog that the centre of West Brom will be revitalised by this project when the rest of the development is underway. At the moment it is perhaps five years ahead of the rest of the development and as such it must be hard for many residents to see where it all fits.
To Sandwell Council please keep faith but not to much council tax money it must be a wealth creator.
Stop press!
We now hear that a Tory MEP and the leader of our local Tories are coming up with proposals for the building and according to local press this gives real hope for the project. The proposals so I believe include a bowling alley and an up market gym. Why am I sobbing over my keyboard? Excuse me for appearing cynical here but the Tories have done nothing but complain about the building with little or no thought what their negative campaigning would cause to the projects future so I have little faith in their crocodile tears approach at this critical time. My advice would be to shut up and leave Sandwell council to get on and run the place.


David Hosell said...

Hi Bob,its good to see that your blog recognises good vision,I to watched this tv event and as you state B,B gave his honest opinion on the Public. I am thankfull that our council is Labour controlled.If it was left to the conservative members to plan sandwells future we would have a derelict town centre with no prospects for improvement. It may take time and cost money but at least we are going forward,I for one look can't wait for thier comments when the shops start to appear and the tills start to ring,Sandwell and its residents will have the last laugh.Yours David Hosell.

BBCB said...

Thank you for your comment Cllr. I mentioned last night's E&S where they want to put a bowling alley and up market gym in the place and that's supposed to make us feel good. I can't help but think they just want to close the place for thier own idealistic principles.

Anonymous said...

So taken that its built,whats your idea for the use of it that will engage the people of West Brom. Bob and Cllr H.? PS I dont live in West Brom either but still have an opinion on a building not fulfilling its purpose.Best wishes Marg Macklin

Prague said...

This is an appalling blog. The likes of Badham are a source of general derision. How did you ever get yourself into a position where you defending this gargantuan waste?

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Thank you for your comment Prague. Your opinion of Cllr Badham suggests you don’t know him. Bob is a real champion for the re-development of West Brom. He may get a bad press from time to time but he is totally committed and a genuine person. The Public is a little ahead of it’s time but if you look at the bigger picture which is what Bob has to do it will revitalise West Brom. The Tories and local press have had a field day because of the problems after the Architects bankruptcy. But do you or anybody else really feel that a bowling alley and expensive gym are what is needed in centre of West Brom. It’s easy and cheap publicity for the Tories. I’m in this position because I believe the people of Sandwell deserve a modern cultural centre.

Anonymous said...

I've heard Bob on radio. He is emotionally flooded about this project. He may have the best of intentions, but he isn't thinking straight. It isn't only about the architect firm's bankruptcy - this project is a disaster from beginning to end.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Well Anonymous I’ve heard this all before and to be quite frank I find these sweeping statements difficult to understand “a disaster from beginning to end” The project is part of a much larger plan to revitalise a very run down part of Sandwell. If you look at the plans for the bigger picture it not only has a key role to play but is perhaps the key to unlock the whole thing. We need art and culture in Sandwell as much as we need jobs schools hospitals and clinics. The Tory publicity machine have found it too easy to win cheap publicity over this