Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Andy Person update

Handy man scheme II.
Well what I thought was a good scheme is not turning out quite so good. After my registration for the little job I needed doing I sorta waited and expected a visit to fix my door. After about a week I enquired and was told Oh no luv, there is usually a three months waiting list for this service. Oh dear I said (perhaps a little stronger than that but you get the idea) I can’t shut my door (it’s inside so no security concerns). I then get typed back into the computer and told we’ll try and get to you some time next week.
It strikes me this is a good idea which is under funded and they work on a priority basis. So a door that wont fit because of a new carpet is never going to be a priority is it. Ummm, first able bodied mate visiting looks like getting the job. Can’t help feeling though that perhaps the scheme needs a little rethink on how it’s administered and sold to those of us who qualify and need it. Thank you Alan, my door is now fixed. I better put in a call to them and cancel the handy man.

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