Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Blinking Belkin

I thought it was about time that BBCB went wireless. We have had broadband for about 4yrs but with the way my health has been access to a computer in other parts of the house would be nice and might become necessary. We did our research, went to the experts at leading computer stores and finally decided on Belkin. I’ve still got my sixty quid from Gordon so that helps to pay for it. It’s easy the man in PC World said, no problem it’s all in the box set up is easy and you’ll be up and running in no time. Oh dear me what a load of codswallop. Things are going really well until we come to the bit about signing on to the web site for set up and security. When the site not available screen comes up and it transfers you to a google list of people who are having the same problem. I don’t want to labour the point here but this was not at all helpful. The instruction manual was little help so eventually a call to the “help line” was necessary. After an hour of attempts to get the thing set up I’m still not wireless. I emailed them asking what to do and they have sent a very detailed response that might just as well be in written in Urdu because I can’t understand it.
This is going to be fun! First reaction was to take it back to PC World and stick it up the salesman’s a*** but that would not be helpful and it’s not his fault.
I figured the problem was partly with our internet settings on the lap top and set about figuring it out. During the process the battery failed and I had to squeeze low from my chair to plug in the machine. The chair slipped: crash bang whollop: I’m prostrate on the floor with a chair, a lap top, bunch of files and some other equipment on top of me when my wife heard “oh F*** F*** F***. With my present delicate state of health falls are bad news. The fourth emergency service for me (the misses) arrives to get me back in my chair. Fortunately no harm done to me or the kit. I’m still getting stick over the language though and the lap top settings are now sorted. Delighted to be able to report we are now fully wireless. To some extent I owe Belkin an apology the initial problems weren’t down to them. Their instructions pack though leaves a lot to be desired and their help line ain’t too helpful.


margaret macklin said...

I had a Belkin ,Sky provided me with another wireless conection which kept cutting out so have gone back to the Belkin which is wonderful.Havent tried their help line tho. Tried BTs in India when had broadband with them.I think I was heard to say Flip ,Flip, Flip also!!!

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

I'm very pleased with it so far. The speed is faster than my old hardwired one and using the lap top as well does not seem to slow it down. I had one little connectivity problem las night but windows diagnostics sorted it very quickly. Um flip flip flip?

sean gould said...

hi bob
ive just gone wireless to
im on orange though would be without it
hope youre ok mate?
and you you may be suprised to know im about to post y first blog in god knows how long

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

great to hear from you Sean. I'll check up on the blog. Hope to see you at poetry Wed this month.