Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Political correctness, a bit of tongue in cheek.

Much hype recently on this issue and particularly with beeb. The arrogance of Jonathon Woss was quite staggering and the way the BBC handled it was disproportionately inappropriate. The man should have been sacked. We though as viewers can have the last say and vote with our fingers. I now turn him off. His smirk and brand of cynical sarcasm is just cheap laughs and I find him offensive just as he opens his mouth whatever it is he wants to say. How the beeb can justify his salary from the licence fee is questionable. As the offence was against an older person the beeb must be practising age discrimination here for not dealing with it more harshly. Carol Thatcher with her comments on Gollywogs in a private conversation then gets sacked. Seems a little bit of double standards here, don’t you think. I used to like the Gollywog on marmalade jars it was a poignant reminder of childhood after the war when things were starting to get better and we had marmalade. So I find it offensive that other folk find the term Gollywog offensive. The beeb are in effect practising discrimination against white older people who have fond memories of this logo nothing at all racist about it.
Now I come to the final piece in this jigsaw of political idiosyncrasy. Jeremy Clarkson with his one eyed Scottish idiot remark describing our PM. In my neck of the woods the term “one eyed” is a local colloquialism for being very focused on one particular subject to the exclusion of everything else. Our prime minister is very focused on saving the world from financial meltdown so to me he is one eyed (nothing to do with the loss of his sight) Scottish, he is, and he’s doing a marvellous job for his constituents over the border at the expense of the older folks in England. The idiot bit, well no problems with that is there?. So why indeed has Jeremy been asked to apologise. The beeb are guilty of prejudice against me a white male older brummie who has fond memories of marmalade uses the term one eyed and thinks our PM is an idiot. The DG should either offer me an apology or resign. Jeremy should not have had to apologise. Mind you I’ll still switch him off because I think he’s an over paid twit. Is that politically correct? And can I say that? Oh I just did.

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