Thursday, 30 April 2009

A couple of bad days.

I’m not one to whinge much about my health I make up for it with other things according to the missus. This week has seen me suffering a bit and as such it has curtailed my activities somewhat and perhaps focused my mind on the clinic and other health related services in our area. Nothing like being in pain to help you recognise your vulnerability with life on this planet.
We did have some good news though the Red Route proposals were approved by cabinet so our traffic lights will be installed. Mr Massey will not be happy and I expect another War & Peace outburst in this weeks Observer. The topic does however seem to have caused a lot of comment with most of it being in favour of traffic lights. I feel very privileged in being able to present the petition on behalf of our NHW group calling for these lights, they are long overdue. I wonder how long before a local politician is claiming credit? The Labour bloke is chair of NHW group and very supportive? Trouble is he aint telling folk what he is doing the others are. Better not be too hard on them I need to keep their support on the clinic or is it the other way around?
I look forward to being able to turn right in and out of Hamstead Rd. without risking life and limb. I think it’s a well done Cllr. Hosell and Sandwell and a big raspberry to J Massey.

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