Friday, 17 April 2009

St. George’s day in Sandwell

We Sandwellians have over the last few years been able to enjoy a free family fun day in one of our main parks. This event was superseded by a march across parts of West Brom. Last year there was a bit of controversy at the march and the council withdrew its funding for it. This year the council are funding a party in the park on Saturday and the march has got private funding and takes place on Sunday. I’m appearing at the fun day event with my poetry group so I thought I would publish over the next couple of days some St. George theme poetry which I will be reading at the event. That ought to put you to sleep.:-

St. George’s day in Sandwell meant fun in Dartmouth Park
And marching from Stone Cross was really quite a lark.
White shirts with red crosses to celebrate our patron saint
Fancy hats and ribbons and perhaps a bit of paint.

Roads were closed on the route to make the walk secure
Pubs were open on the march, bunting added to the allure
Folks cheered and waved from windows along the busy routes
All was well until last year when a marching band played flutes

The council cut the funding claiming politics was rife
there could have been a riot threatening limb and life
The council invested loads and loads of cash
To make the party in the park a great family bash.

A celebrity was hired with acts and special events
Poetry Wednesbury will be there in one of the tents
Our patron saint will be honoured in our special way
With fun and frolicking in the park on St. George’s day

I do hope our MP will not be at the march on Sunday because it is supposed to be none political. Gordon when you read this blog can you find him something important to do in Westminster on Sunday please. BBCB


Anonymous said...

I still dislike them calling it the Stone Cross St Georges Day march - it starts in Hateley Heath, but that’s me just being fussy as usual!

There will be an interesting snippet regarding the funding of the parade on my blog tomorrow. Just checking out the ins and outs of the allegations but controversy may ensue.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Thanks for your comment westbrom blogger I’m following this closely to. I don’t intend to go to the march but will be following it via news bulletins. I think it is likely to be a focus for all politically active left and right wing groups which will not reflect life/politics over here in Sandwell.
Yesterday’s fun day in the park was a great success. Very well attended and a happy celebration for our patron saint. The size of the event was smaller than last year and some of the community support groups like crime prevention panel were not able to get space which was a shame. I congratulate our council for spending the money to put the event on.
Must go and have a lie down now, me praising our council I must have a temperature