Saturday, 4 April 2009

Dog poop

I was really nice honest. About a year ago we had some problems with irresponsible dog owners who did not clean up after their pets. Problem was they were using the grassed area outside the front of my house as doggy loo. I wrote a couple of really nice poems to the dogs and posted them on my front hedge. Our local dogs all read well and the problem went away. Not a single misdemeanour for a year until last week when, da da “it’s back”. To say I’m a little upset is perhaps an understatement as a friend stepped in it and brought it into my home. I cleaned it up and removed the offending pile but this time the notice that went on the hedge was anything but friendly and not addressed to the dogs. If I catch this owner there will be trouble and dog mess in the air. Since putting up the notice however I have watched from time to time from my study window and dog walkers are giving our bit a wide berth. Why can’t we change the rules so that dog owners have to prove they have facilities for cleaning up against having to be caught mid poop as it is now? I read tonight that our local council are thinking of reducing the fixed penalty fines for littering from £75 to £25 this is because of the credit crunch and offenders wouldn’t be able to afford to pay. I can’t believe I was reading that if they can’t afford to pay the fine they shouldn’t bloody well be littering. As far as I’m concerned we should be doubling the fine and taking on more wardens to administer it.

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